On a Bus to Jerusalem

  I see the boys in long black coats through the window, Swinging like bats come in for landing across slides and monkey bars, Spots of darkness in the summer heat, Still children.… Continue reading

On Compassion

Soon, the Jewish new year begins, and I would like to welcome it with a few words on compassion. I recently had reason to look up the exact definition in the dictionary. com·pas·sion… Continue reading

Dance Like No One Is Watching

From time to time I out headphones in and don a sports bra, don running shorts, a long skirt, whatever covers me. I tuck my Ipod into the bra, and I wear my… Continue reading

Meaning is Healthier than Happiness

  Meaning is Healthier than Happiness New data suggests that meaning is more important than happiness.

Neil Gaiman’s Tumblr

Neil Gaiman’s Tumblr A fabulous way for us Gaiman readers to connect.  

The meter high stack of paperwork does not inspire confidence.

I have been sparse around these parts because I have been in Hebrew class daily, have homework, and writing on larger projects, and am dealing with the Israeli government regarding paperwork. I began… Continue reading

Oddities of Life

Oddities of Life

Sufjan Stephen’s Sun

I’m sandy, and my bed is sandy, and when I look down at my feet the blue sheets roil under my legs like waves. It’s alright. There is an act of submitting to… Continue reading

Venus as Human, a Poem

Formerly a happy atheist, I found God in the palm of my hand one day, In the way the little scars, Erased the fingerprint walls and freed my fate, To flow like water.… Continue reading

Broken Hearts in Metaphor.

  Broken hearts are infinitely valuable. Those people who rend us save us. In a broken heart we lose ourselves, but by the damage done we are educated in art of seeing in… Continue reading